June 15, 2021 msuproductions
Isaias Ramirez

Hawk for Life

Written By: Isaias Ramirez

I can’t believe how fast this semester went. It feels like yesterday I logged onto my computer excited to figure out what Hawk Communications was truly about. To be honest, I took the class because it filled one of my major requirements. It was just another class that was part of my journey. But then Professor Keith Green started speaking. He captured my attention very quickly.

Hawk Communications wasn’t just another class. It was an opportunity to build my professional resume. I was going to get real hands-on experience. Not just a lecture but to work in a professional environment. At the start of the semester, all I could put on my resume was that I worked at a convenience store and that I had graduated high school. But today I am proud to put my time with Hawk Communications on my resume.

I was given the opportunity to work on two accounts this semester: Macrobites and the MSU School of Communication and Media. Both accounts presented different opportunities and challenges, yet I loved getting the chance to work with both.

Macrobites is a food prep service founded and run by three proud black men. They have such a beautiful story of what happens when people get a second chance in life. When they spoke to our class, I was sold. Their story was so powerful but the lesson they taught me was unexpected. Working with Macrobites gave me a taste of reality. Sometimes when you work with a client, they are not as responsive as you’d hope. At first, I was taking it personally. I felt that they were saying we don’t need you. But clients have lives and so many other responsibilities. You can’t take things personally in the PR world. You must stay patient and persistent. No matter what, don’t lose faith in a client.

Working with MSU School of Communication and Media was such a fun experience. I got the chance to make multiple graphics and captions for their Instagram page. We had a successful Focus Racial Justice campaign as well. I also had the chance to write an article about the Red Hawk Sports Network for the school of communication and media’s website. That was an experience I never thought I would ever have. Grad students (from the school’s Public and Organizational Relations program) Anna and Diane were great to work with and showed me how to improve my graphic design skills. They also taught me that critiques of your work don’t mean it’s bad. There is no such thing as a perfect design, and it could always improve. Even if it is just reducing line spacing.

I am forever thankful for the work both of my teams did this semester. I also feel like my skills in graphic design, writing, and communication have all vastly improved. To my classmates, thank you for all the help along the way.

The best part for me is that my story doesn’t end here with Hawk Communications. Chapter two begins this fall. To my future teams, let’s make use of our time and deliver amazing content. Once a Hawk, always a Hawk.