March 30, 2022 dausa1
Meg Lane

Finding My Way in Public Relations

By Meg Lane 

As a public relations major, I joined a student-led communication agency for two semesters. Taking this course during a national lockdown and when the world is just starting to open has offered so much perspective on the different ways to communicate with clients and my teams. My time with Hawk Communications also opened up so many doors to opportunities that have shaped me as an aspiring public relations professional. 

Since this is my returning semester, I knew what to expect, but was so excited to be back in in-person classes. I believe that working within the School of Communication provides a whole different experience versus being at home in front of a screen. This semester also expanded what I knew about PR. I had the opportunity to go to events, build relationships with my team and clients, and get a taste of what I am looking forward to post-graduation. This course is the perfect launching pad to professional communication careers, and a safe place to learn and grow. 

Hawk Communications taught me how to push my own boundaries and continued to broaden my understanding of how to professionally communicate with other organizations, with a client, and with a team. Once we were assigned accounts to coordinate with this semester, I was welcomed by my fellow account coordinators on the Garden State Winegrowers Association and the ReelAbilities Film Festival accounts. Being assigned as an account coordinator for both teams was exciting because I was able to expand my repertoire as a PR agent by working with different accounts than my previous semester. 

For example, with ReelAbilities NJ I developed a pitch letter and built a list of contacts to connect with other organizations based on what I learned from working with the NJ Warriors pitching team last semester. Additionally, for GSWGA I applied my experience with Canva that I developed last semester on the Hawk Communications social media team. 

Overall, I am grateful to have been a part of this course, which helped me land internships, impress my supervisors and gave me confidence as a future PR professional.