March 30, 2022 dausa1
Tiffany Rivera

Memories I Will Cherish Forever!

By Tiffany Rivera

I remember the day Professor Keith Green mentioned Hawk Communications in our Public Relations class during the 2021 Spring Semester. I was excited (and still am) about working with internal departments/programs at Montclair State University (MSU), local businesses and nonprofits. 

As a senior, it’s stressful to not have an idea of what my career path. Hawk Communications changed my viewpoint of what I want to be and where to go once I leave Montclair State. I`m an innovator, storyteller, marketer, and communication specialist who is interested in collaborating with people/clients all over the world where I can create content to let people have their voices heard. 

I’ve always enjoyed brainstorming, storytelling, and innovating every project I ever made. As a business innovator/marketer, I like to imagine how I can market my company’s campaign/purpose differently. How are we as a company going to impact our customers` lives? Lastly, I would like to represent all cultures (European, Hispanics, Asian, African, Caribbean, etc.), disabilities, genders/sex (feminism, LGBTQ+), and more. This course gave me the opportunity to learn hands-on experience by working with clients and how an agency is run. 

I worked with incredible clients this semester the Hawk Communications Account Team and the Garden State Wine Growers Association (GSWGA). I`m proud that the work these two accounts enriched and motivated me to push my boundaries. I learned many hard and soft skills like decision making, strategic/team planning, accountability, adaptability, project management, sales/marketing skills and learned about a social media analytics software called Spouts Social. Also, I can add to my resume that I maintained consistency of website content and strategy across digital properties, kept current with trends and changes in marketing, web development, advertising and media marketing strategies. I went out of my comfort zone and wrote an article about the course, Hawk Communications with photos and captions. I also designed a blueprint of creative content for the Hawk Communications website. For the Hawk Communications Account Team and the GSWGA, my position included creating content, graphic design and social media management. I created flyers, social media posts, Instagram stories, a contact list, QR codes for their social media platforms and wrote emails to my clients and targeted audiences. 

I had two big accomplishments this semester at Hawk Communications that left me speechless. I recorded a public service announcement (PSA) script I wrote for Hawk Communications that aired multiple times on WMSC 90.3 FM, the Voice of Montclair State University. Secondly, I developed a marketing technique to achieve revenue and conversion goals. My marketing strategy of contacting a professor allowed me and the rest of the Hawk Communications Account Team to promote Hawk Communications to Montclair State University`s business students, which doubled the number of students attending Hawk Communications for next semester. Also, Professor Green informed me that Dr. Keith Strudler, the Director of the School of Communication and Media (SCM), was impressed to have business students join an SCM class.

The creative and fun part of working with clients is traveling to various locations to shoot photos and videos for their social media accounts. Though I go to Montclair State University for school, I call it a journey since I commute 40 minutes. It was an honor to be invited by Professor Green to be a part of the official opening of the Joetta Di Bella and Fred C. Sautter III Center of Strategic Communication at SCM. These generous donors dedicated this space to help students broaden their knowledge as innovative, strategic communication leaders. This agency goes beyond being book smart, it allows students to get their hands dirty. Also, for holiday and weekend events, I visited some of the GSWGA`s wineries to photograph content, such as their fan-favorite wines, their customers enjoying themselves, special musical guests, the process of making wine, etc. These were all great memories I will cherish forever.

I had a blast working for the Hawk Communications Account Team and the Garden State Wine Growers Association. I encourage every student from Public Relations, Film, Business and Marketing majors and more to join Hawk Communications. I`m not just saying it because I worked for the Hawk Communications Account Team, but it’s really an eye-opening experience and a great way to start building your network/resume. I`m going to miss my Hawk Communications family!